Read this poem--if possible watch the video.

13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens

For this poem, try to look at something seemingly ordinary in several different ways. Poets look at things differently. When we write a description of something it is rarely straightforward and literal. We often use different perspectives to see something in a new way. The poem above can be read many times, each time giving the reader some new insight. I think that is part of what makes poetry really cool!

Here is an attempt at writing this kind of poem that I tried. I brainstormed up a few ideas of what I could describe, and left the number of ways open. I eventually stopped at ten.

10 Ways of Looking at a Pen by Art Belliveau

Now it is your turn. Brainstorm up some ideas of something you could describe. It can be a simple ordinary, everyday thing. In fact, I think that could work best. Something you are very familiar with. The think of as many different ways to look at it or think about it as possible. Write a poem about it.