Alphabet Story

See if you can write a sentence of exactly 26 sentences. But here is the hard part: Make the first sentence start with an a, the second with a b, the third with a c and so on through the alphabet. (For x you may cheat and use a word beginning with the prefix ex.)

Here is an example of how an alphabet story might start:

A knock sounded at Joe's door one night. Because it was so late, he was rather nervous about answering it. Cautiously, he went to the window and peeked out. Debbie, his neighbor, stood there, holding an enormous packeage. Eagerly Joe went to the door. Flinging it open, he saw then that Debbie had vanished. Gerald Hayfield stood there instead. He had an ominous grin on his face.

Now you try it. See if you can get through the entire alphabet with your story.

I found this writing idea on a handout that lacked attribution. If anyone knows who originally created this, please let me know.