Before the end of the first nine weeks you will be expected to read an approved book and write a review of that book.
The last date to turn in a first draft is 10/03/08. The last date to turn in a publication draft is 10/09/08.
After you have written the publication draft you will submit it to the school library website and to
For information on how to write a book review, read the following sites.
Writing Book Reviews--includes questions to ask yourself when reading a book included in this site
LEO: Writing Book Reviews--good step by step explanation
How to Write a Book Review
Example Book Review Written by Mr. B

This will be a 100 point assignment.

Publishing your reviews to the indicated websites is a required part of the assignment.

Book Review Rubric
1. Lowest

Opening doesn’t catch readers’ attention
No opinion given
No support
Giving a summary without making a point

2. Better But…
Opening is weak
Weak opinion given
Poor support
Still a summary without a point

3. Almost There
Opening is okay
Opinion given
Incomplete examples
Not enough support given
Unnecessary information given

4. Acceptable
Opening catches readers’ attention
Opinion is clear and concise
Clear and complete details given
More details to support your opinion
Accurate and precise information

5. High Quality
Opening is very interesting and commands
readers’ attention
Clear, strong opinion clearly stated
Clear and fully explained examples
Effective use of quotes
Detailed and precise information that clearly
proves and supports your opinion

6. Exceptional Quality
All of the elements of level 5
Interesting and engaging use of language
Keeps readers very interested